Went looking for a POWERMATIC MVN bought an older BURKE MVN MILLRITE

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Mar 15, 2018
Had my eye set on a Powermatic MVN but it was a bit high on the budget but then spotted this Burke MVN. So after a couple weeks of effort to pick it up and haul it here it is finally sitting in the shop. Now to connect the VFD and spin it up.
My next issue is to anchor to concrete or buy the vibration levelers and go with that. I like the idea of vibration dampening but this beast seems a bit top heavy so some solid clamps to the ground also makes sense.


Bob Korves

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Jul 2, 2014
The Burke MVN and the Powermatic MVN mills are the same except for the belt guards and the paint jobs. Both are high quality. There were many options available when ordering them. I am on my second Millrite. They are very nice machines, not a bunch of bells and whistles, but solid and well built. Clamps to the ground will likely not help vibration much. If you are at all tall you might want to put some feet under the corners. I am 6 feet tall and found my Millrite much better to work with after I added 4" tall leveling feet. I see you got a power feed with it. Mine also has the drill press type quill lever, which I prefer. Looks good!
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