What mill to keep and eye out for?


H-M Supporter - Silver Member
H-M Supporter - Silver Member
Jan 28, 2020
Howdy all, new to the forum and machining. I am looking for my first mill and lathe. I decided to focus on a mill first.
I don't have the means to get a full size bridgeport into my basement so I am focusing on bench top or smaller footprint milling machines.

So far, my search has found mill sin my price range (Under $2K) to the following:
HF mills 40939 and 44991 - $500 -2K
A few Encos 105-1124 and 91002- $1,00-2,000
Tru-Mill DM30A - $1,000
Jet JVM-942VS - $1,500
MSC 9512013 - $1,500 (machine only)
LMS 3990 - $1000
Rutland 26660530 - $1,000

Any advice on these? Ones that are more desirable? Ones to avoid?


H-M Supporter - Gold Member
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Jun 27, 2016
Depending on your size of work you want to do, I like EMCO FB-2, or a Deckel FP-1, but then again I like euro machines. IMHO the Deckel FP-1 is the best small foot print mill, the problem is it is not under $2K. You might be able to get a used EMCO for under $2k.
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