Working With Plastics

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I have a very old antique Coke machine that I'm turning into a Kegerator. I have made a wooden door and have about 1" between the door and the machine for insulation. I want to make a cover over the insulation out of ABS because I want to bend it. Also, I want to use some on the inside to match up with the door to make a tight seal. I'm looking at .125" or .187" to work with. My problem is that I will have to drive to Atlanta to get it so I'm thinking of getting some extra sheets to have as they aren't expensive. To have them shipped here would cost way more that the sheets. (4'X8') Anyone have an information that might be helpful before I jump into this. I was thinking of making a mold and using a heat gun to bend it. The door part would be one piece but the inside would have to be open to put the keg in. It would have a 4" or 6" side that would be slanted to shut the door.
How about some info on machining plastics? thanks
How about some info on machining plastics? thanks
Yes, and maybe a bit of info on selection of plastics for different applications. I need to make some suspension bushings for my Polaris Ranger and I'm not sure which plastic to use.
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