monarch 10ee

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    USN 00134 - 1943 Monarch 10EE s/n 17646
  2. Ulma Doctor

    Monarch 10EE Chuck Key From Scratch

    I was missing a chuck key for my Monarch 10EE, so i made one from stuff i had laying around. :grin: i got a 1" diameter piece of colled rolled unknownium that i thought i'd start off with. i turned a few thousandths off the diameter and faced the end off and parted off a 7" length for the key...
  3. Ulma Doctor

    1943 Monarch 10EE S/N 17646-Retrofit and Repair

    I'm finally in the Monarch Club, solely due to the good graces from a fellow member TAWP TOOL. he offered me the lathe with goodies involved and even supplied the muscle to comealong the beast onto the trailer! one heck of a good man in my book! from the bottom of my heart,thank you!!! May i...
  4. M

    Monarch 10ee

    Hey guys, I'm beginning my search for a solid Monarch 10EE, in North East US, I'm in eastern PA close to the NJ border. Preferably with one the various original drive schemes, even if it has problems, I would be interested. Thanks !
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