1. Ropata

    Bad bearings? Dah Lih circa 1976 Taiwanese

    I was trying to avoid pulling the vertical head apart but now I have doubts about the bearings. Could anyone tell from the video if in fact they are buggered and maybe from the photos how the hell I get in there?
  2. K

    Quill Adjustment Screw

    My Craftsman Drill Press (113.213150 - Made in Taiwan) has a lot of play in the quill, especially at at the full end of the travel. This play is greater along the X axis (in mill terms) than along the Y axis. (More side to side than front to back.) Yesterday, I finally got around to taking the...
  3. Subwayrocket

    Pm 932 940 R8 Spindle, Aligning Grub Screw , How To Remove ?

    My collets have been rough going up in the spindle . I looked up in there and the little R8 aligning grub screw is a little bit galled over. I'd like to remove this grub screw but can't figure out how. I removed the quill base but see no way to get at the grub screw. I called Matt earlier this...
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