shop made tools

  1. Shiseiji

    Machine Tool Alignment Gauge Plans

    Stumbled across this and looks interesting. From Laney College, Oakland CA. Machine Tool Alignment Gauge Plans [pdf] Sadly the instructions are buried in an Instagram thread but I think I have provided a link to the posting. Ron
  2. Ulma Doctor

    Making A Rotary Broach, By Ulma Doctor

    A couple years ago, I made a very quick and dirty rotary broach for a project i was working on in my normal job it worked for the purpose it was intended, but i wanted to make an improved version. the new...
  3. Ulma Doctor

    MT3 1" Slitting Saw Arbor

    i started construction on a MT3 slitting saw arbor from materials in the shop. here is the slug of what i believe to be 12L14 mild steel. it was unmarked, but acted like 12L14 i have machined before. it's very nice to turn. the slug was a fraction over 1" in diameter and 7" long. i...
  4. Ulma Doctor

    Code Name : Operation Spanner Wrench- 5c Collet Block

    i purchased a set of inexpensive collet block's from all-industrial tool supply for use in my lathe and milling machines. they were shipped fast and are very nicely finished, better than i thought i might get for the price. i don't have any connection to the company, but i had a good experience...
  5. IMG_2855.JPG


    shop made MT2 tailstock #4 center drill arbor
  6. IMG_2854.JPG


    shop made MT2 tailstock #4 center drill arbor
  7. Ulma Doctor

    Slide Nailer From Scrap Materials

    My brother asked me if i could design a slide nailer for a job that he is working on. he is in the construction trades and needs to bang in a bunch of nails into areas he can't reach by hand he asked that it be somewhere around 30" long and needed it to be able to take punishment. here is my...
  8. Ulma Doctor

    Playtime With Teflon, A Seal Installer

    I work on many pieces of equipment that frequently need seals installed due to an extreme climate they somehow survive in. One seal in particular more than others, a 25x62x10 the problem with this seal is that is mounted to a shaft, then the seal is driven into it's bore, but it has to be driven...
  9. Ulma Doctor

    Cheap, Effective, Pvc Lathe Arbor! Oh My!

    i was making some delrin spacers yesterday for a small meat grinder. i made an arbor from a 3/4" pvc slip fitting to make facing and parting cuts. here is the video of the facing operation. thanks for watching!
  10. Ulma Doctor

    Shop Made Rotary Broach, Down And Dirty!

    Shop Made Rotary Broach i have a job that requires a square hole to be pierced through a piece of machined steel. the material is too thin to be push broached for fear of fracture. i don't have pull broaches or the puller for that matter, so i'm doing the next easiest method i have seen. i...