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Playtime With Teflon, A Seal Installer

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Ulma Doctor

Infinitely Curious
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Feb 2, 2013
I work on many pieces of equipment that frequently need seals installed due to an extreme climate they somehow survive in.
One seal in particular more than others, a 25x62x10
the problem with this seal is that is mounted to a shaft, then the seal is driven into it's bore,
but it has to be driven over the end of the shaft that is larger than the seals ID- creating some issues...
in the 30 yrs of buying and making tools, i have only used comercially made seal installers maybe 3 or 4 times.
i have devised all kinds of ways of getting it done, but today i finally made a proper seal installer from items i had lying around in the shop.
namely, a reclaimed 6061 aluminum internally threaded standoff and a surplus teflon cylinder
the dimensions:
115mm tall x 62 mm diameter at the widest point , bored to 35mm id, stepping down to 25mm - about 1" from the striking head.
the striking head : 2"long x 1.50" at the widest, stepped to 1.00"
the head is kept in place by the 1"(25.4mm) head wedged firmly into a 25mm bore.

the pictures:

my shenwai and a cemented rounded carbide bit did some beautiful work on the aluminum, a mirror like finish!
the teflon was roughed with an un-coated TNMG insert, then finished with the same rounded cemented carbide that i used for the aluminum
i chamfered all corners with a 45* hand ground HSS tool


and the installer with the intended seal to be installed!
this teflon installer will not damage the most frail of seal

as always,
thanks for reading and looking :grin:
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