Adding Zero-Clearance to cast iron bandsaw table

NC Rick

H-M Supporter - Silver Member
H-M Supporter - Silver Member
Sep 1, 2020
Is the black plastic round one of the originals that came with the saw? Quite the gap on that
Yes sir, that is correct. The minimal clearance replacement was the first project for it. I think that the original is a design for wud werkers. ;)
the saw I have is a 17" combination saw That has a pulley jack-shaft for the additional reduction. I am, for the most part thrilled by its performance.


H-M Supporter - Diamond Member
H-M Lifetime Diamond Member
Feb 25, 2021
I was cutting some sheet metal yesterday and shattered one of the plastic disks. Same Grizzly 17" combo saw that NC Rick has if I remember correctly from an earlier conversation. I'm not sure that even for wood that those little plastic disks are anything more than cosmetic!

Time for this to go on my project list. I'm going to shoot for steel with a couple of retaining screws. I may break from the metric consistency since I have some small imperial taper head screws. ;)


Nov 25, 2015
if you want to refinish your table top and get rid of the blanchard grinding marks, get a random orbital sander (palm type) get some sandpaper w/out holes, you don't want to suck up the dust... since you will use it wet. get some 60, 80, 100, 150 grit sand paper w/out holes (2nd time). Get a gallon of WD40... and a dispenser bottle. go to town, I did this on my tablesaw. When I went to a woodworking show, I saw the guys table and said how the hell did you get a mirror finish. He told me.. I wasn't looking for a mirror finish, just a smooth top. It worked. Keep it moving all around. Keep checking to make sure you are not dishing it . This is not a mill table so being out 2-10 thou won't make a diff. It took me 2 days with breaks to get a beautiful top. If you use an angle grinder you will take too much off in one spot... Slow and steady wins this race.

btw you don't want a PSA random orbital, you want velcro because of the wd40.
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