Clausing 1771 Drill Press Restoration

I picked up a Clausing variable speed drill press from a Craigslist ad. I offered the guy $200.00 and he accepted. The drill press was in decent overall condition, and had a new motor on it. I disassembled the machine and cleaned up and painted everything. Mechanically, it was in very good condition, and the only real repair work I did was to straighten a few of the handle arms. One really nice feature is the table lift, which works great on that heavy table (btw: the table doesn't have a single drill mark in it!)
This is my second Clausing variable speed drill press. The first one is in my metal shop, this one will be in my wood shop.



Fort Loramie, Ohio
You got an awesome deal. Those never come up for sale here in Hawaii and I've been lusting for one for years. VS, angular contact bearing in the quill - built the way a good DP should be.
Only rarely seen in my parts, those machines are always priced beyond the depth of my pockets. I would dearly love to own one of those drills. You did a smashing job on the restoration too!

Please share, to clean that column you chucked it into a lathe and used a steady on the outboard end didn't you?
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Great job ,looks better then new. Around my area they want minimum $800. Even wrecked at $600. Guess they don't know steel ain't gold. Good luck nice paint job .
Here are the badges on my two Clausing drill presses. The first one (originally green) is in my metal shop and I wanted to use it for tapping, so I put a 3 phase motor on it and a VFD. It will smoothly go from forward to reverse in less than a second. I paid $100 for this one at an auction.

The tag from my latest drill press (the one in the original post)
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