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Toolmaster 1d Spindle Wrench

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H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Sep 25, 2014
Could someone please post me a picture of the Spindle wrench for the ToolMaster 1D (has the #40 taper, the spindle is locked at the top with the "fork", then you put the wrench in the flats at the bottom)?

Also, how thick is it (obviously something a bit under 0.50")?

I am gradually getting my machine up and running (still more cleaning, made a knee crank) next project is the spindle wrench.

I'm guessing the original is ~1/4" thick, with an opening of 2.260".

Regards, David


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Nov 21, 2010
I first made mine from a cardboard template. Some stock little over 1/8" Put template over the stock and sprayed it, any
rattle can color. Now the painted plate ( wrench ) I cut with plasma cutter. No plasma? a/c torch, hacksaw, anything.
then you could tweak it with an angle grinder. A wrench is a wrench - not going to a car show with it.LOL
sprayed it machine gray, no ones the wiser...... sam
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