V-block Clamp Clears The Drill Chuck

How can I clamp a short 1/8 dia rod for drilling and clear my drill chuck?

  • machine a short clamp to fit V-Block

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Feb 4, 2013
I needed to drill a hole in a short 1/8 inch diameter rod. the clamp that I had was just too big to clear the drill chuck and the drill and still be able to get close to the rod. My clamp: Clamping Fixture 11-19-2015 6-45-02 PM 1526x1808.JPGComparing the old with the new:
ClampingFixture-VerticalComparison 11-19-2015 6-47-28 PM 3216x2136.JPG The completed fixture with the new machining in place:
Clamping Fixture 11-19-2015 6-43-17 PM 3216x2136.JPG
There's plenty of room for my Drill Chuck to get in close with a small drill and complete the job.
I do alot of small stuff as well, so that goes on my list to make.

Thank you

That looks great, It looks real steady as well, if you need to hold a little bit larger item in it, it looks like you could clean a little bit more out of the v area and put a shorter set screw. But it does look good, what did you make it out of, looks like about 3/8 inch Alum plate.
Ken, It's one-half inch by one inch bar stock. That cut will clear a quarter inch diameter rod