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January Project of the Month [3]
  1. cascao

    Key in chuck

    When I first bought my lathe, I've made this device afraid of letting the key in chuck. As a side effect, it becomes very convenient when I finish a part I just grab the key (to remove part) and lathe stop.
  2. Dave T

    Soft Jaws for MiniLathe Chuck

    I have the MicroLux lathe with its standard 3 inch 3 jaw chuck. Chuck has both inside and outside hard jaws, looks to be the same as the Little Machine Shop #1187. I need to hold a thin brass disk, 1/8 thick. Does anyone know where to buy (or how to make) soft, machineable jaws for such a chuck?
  3. Subwayrocket

    Lower Z Axis Knee Bottoming Limit ?

    Question about how far down I can lower the knee. I'm using a chuck on my rotary table and a boring head. I have barely enough room left to get tooling in. Had to use a short 3" boring bar. I can see another 2 inches of shiny ways below where the knee is stopped by the limit switch. Is there...
  4. Xnerd

    Identify This Chuck

    I have this ancient three jaw scroll Chuck with no real markings on it. I tried to use it and the run out was absolutely terrible it was actually visible. It measured on the order of 7 thousands. It came with it lathe parts that I purchased and I didn't really inspect it before I threaded it on...
  5. G

    Finding A Pneumatic Er Collet Chuck

    Hello hobby-machinists, I am using the clamping force of collet chucks to squeeze some metal cylinders. I would like to make this process easier by having the collet be powered by the shop air. I have read about 5C pneumatic collet chucks, and I am wondering if there are other sources for...
  6. M

    Kind Of Drill Chuck

    I need a drill chuck that closes completely at the center. most chucks leave about 3/32 opening. I'm trying to chuck wire into it for straightening, using a hand drill. I have looked at using Collete's or some other technique, or maybe using a dremel but ideally i would have some kind of...
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