I have people ask all the time about our company and machine stock, saying they’ve heard we only order a couple machines at a time as needed and don’t really stock things, or just general questions about if we will be around to support customers in the future. Well I was walking around the warehouse tonight and grabbed a few pics just for people to look at. These were all taken tonight Feb 10th 2020 at about 10PM.

This only shows about half of our current stock, work shop, parts area, etc, I didn’t show the staging area for shipments because you can see customers info on the crates. We are also still in the process of getting the parts inventory shelving sorted, tagged and stocked up.

I get a lot of people ask so I figured while I was out there I would get a few pics!


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Wow!!! what is that about $4000 worth of inventory? Just kidding I know that is a big investment in customer satisfaction.
Impressive to say the least! That is what I call a customer commitment! People don’t realize the commitment a company such as yours has to make in order to have parts for customers. Having run a couple of Capital equipment businesses people don’t realize the inventory risk financially that businesses have.

Thanks for being there and making the investment! It is appreciated!

ps.....all those crates in the warehouse remind me of Indiana Jones!
What do you use to keep track of inventory (location and quantity) as well as reorder quantities? We used SAP, which works great as long as you follow the procedures, when people go around the system, all hell breaks loose!
Also what people don’t realize is that it is impossible to have every single part for every machine offered. It’s a guess on what might fail and an investment in having the parts on hand. Again, thank you for your commitment!
Hey, Matt!

There will always be naysayers.

I've had my PM1127VF for TEN YEARS. Can't believe it has been that long. In that time it has been instrumental in helping reproduce over $2 Million worth of products. I am extremely happy with it, as well as with the support I've received from you whenever I needed it.


/Greg Heumann
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