precision matthews

  1. X

    My PM-728VT

    I started to uncrate the PM-728VT crate today. Some people have posted videos on how to use an engine hoist to raise the mill onto the table. I am thinking of doing it that way, too.
  2. leegscott

    Newbie Here

    I am so glad I found you guys this morning. I have been watching you tube videos for the past 6 months trying to decide on which mill to purchase. The general advice that I have been given is buy as large as I can afford. I have also been told that regardless if I purchase a new one (import) or...
  3. BladesIIB

    Best Tap Handle I have seen or used, and I modified it to make it, IMO even better!

    Bought this new Tap Handle and, IMO, made it even better with a Hack to add a bearing to the centering post it has built in. Makes tapping on the lathe great because it now spins and pulls the tailstock. In the video I make a couple of mini screw jacks to test the tap before and after the hack...
  4. K

    Precision Matthews PM-728VT CNC conversion

    Hello everyone, I have an order on a PM-728VT and is due to deliver within a month. I will do a CNC conversion (with the PM mechanical kit), and will document it here, while also posting the myriad questions that are certain to come up. I am planning to weld up a base for it that will...
  5. A

    PM30 Conversion Video - Control Panel

    The start of a PM30MV conversion. A look at electrical and some of the issues I’m having. Toroidal Transformer Details: primary winding (220V) Secondary winding (60V) Power: 900W 220V Fuses: ATQR15A (15 Amp Fuse)
  6. qualitymachinetools

    A look inside Precision Matthews warehouse February 10, 2020

    I have people ask all the time about our company and machine stock, saying they’ve heard we only order a couple machines at a time as needed and don’t really stock things, or just general questions about if we will be around to support customers in the future. Well I was walking around the...
  7. B

    New PM 1340GT Lathe & PM 833T Mill

    Greetings all! I am new to the forum. I am a hobbyist. I've been dabbling in the world of machining on and off for about 35 years. I mainly design and make tools and gadgets for personal use. About 9 years I took my first of many blacksmithing classes. I enjoy smithing as a hobby as well...
  8. A

    PM Vises & Chucks - Precision vs Ultra Precision?

    While my head comes to terms with the price of a quality mill, most likely the PM-30MV for future CNCable-ism, I'm now shifting most brainpower to the tooling realm. Does anyone have experience with the Vises & Chucks Matt sells? I've read good things about all in these forums, but I haven't...
  9. S

    Attributes of a good bench mill stand?

    I just ordered a PM-30MV, and I plan to build a stand for it. I'm considering some different designs/materials, and was hoping to get input on what you guys like/dislike about your current mill stands. I had a Smithy 1324 prior to this mill, and I really disliked the stand it came with...
  10. S

    Pm727 Questions

    Hi everybody, rookie here :eagerness: I’m looking into purchasing the PM-727, and I see a lot of members here own this machine. I have a few questions. 1). PM-727v versus PM-727m... is the variable speed worth the extra money? I havent seen any complaints about lack RPM...
  11. ACHiPo

    First Milling Machine Choice: PM 833T or 835S?

    I'd really like to get a mill. After thinking about getting a better drill press to replace my Atlas bench-top, I looked at drill presses. Then started looking at the bench-top models from Weiss, and the WMD30 looked like it it would be a great drill press and get me started on machining...
  12. Sloth2009

    PM-727m New mill has arrived!

    I am a pharmacist by trade and have never used a milling machine before. I decided to buy this mill mostly to help slot guards for my knife making hobby and for some other projects I have planned like crossbow parts and sterling engines. I know it's been done before, but I'd like show a bit of...
  13. john.oliver35

    Like-new Precision Matthews 1440 In Minnesota

    To big for me, and too far away, but someone in Minnesota may be interested in what appears to be a like-new Precision Matthews 1440 lathe:
  14. Subwayrocket

    Lower Z Axis Knee Bottoming Limit ?

    Question about how far down I can lower the knee. I'm using a chuck on my rotary table and a boring head. I have barely enough room left to get tooling in. Had to use a short 3" boring bar. I can see another 2 inches of shiny ways below where the knee is stopped by the limit switch. Is there...
  15. craftedmagazine

    My First Metalworking/machining Project, An Aluminum Knob On The Metal Lathe!

    Finally got over my fear of the lathe and spent some time on it. I am a complete and utter noob, so hopefully I didn't do too many things incorrectly. If you guys have any pointers for me, that'd be much appreciated. I'm using the Precision Matthews PM-1022V, if anyone was wondering.
  16. Subwayrocket

    Awkward X, Y Axis Locking Screws ... A Fix ?

    While the Z is out in the open, i've found the X and Y axis locking screw handles to be a bit awkward. I had bought new bolts and had planned to weld wing nuts on the ends but when I removed the x/y lock bolts and unscrewed the handles off of the bolts , I thought the little screws might aid me...
  17. Subwayrocket

    Flycutter Balance Problem / Question

    I have a Suburban Fly cutter and their 5" bar . I started getting familiar with it by facing off all my aluminum chill blocks. Roughly 4"x5" one inch thick 6061 blocks . The fly cutter works great but I have to run it in low range in my mill, which is 370 RPM and slow table feed . I can run it...
  18. Subwayrocket

    Pm-940m-pdf Arrived

    PM-940M-PDF arrived today 7/5 . I placed the order with Matt this past Wed, 6/29 , I got a tracking # later that day and asked for delivery next Tues. . I got a call on 7/1 that it's arrived here in town, when can they deliver it. It's 4th July weekend so I said Tues . Today is Tues 7/5 ...
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