Junk Art By Ulma Doctor


Ned Ludd's bro
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Feb 9, 2017
Good? It's your enthusiasm that's important IMHO. And that comes across. I also LOVE taking "junk" and re purposing it. Whether it's into art or making a tool or machine out of it. I hate throwing anything away that has value so seeing a worn out chain made into a scorpion or worn sprockets made into a wheel on a little tractor just does my heart good.

Back in the 70's when I was a farm mech I had to replace the gears on an old BEEGEE hyd pump. They were HUGE and heavy but I just couldn't toss them. I also had to replace the wheel bearings on the dump truck and had the races still. I ended up making the gears as the "body" and the races the base and top and turning it into a bedside lamp for my dad. They had to leave it behind when they moved but it made a cool lamp. But talk about heavy.........
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