ulma doctor

  1. Ulma Doctor

    Large HSS Lathe Tool Grinds

    Now that i have a big lathe (Victor 2040) with a lota motor (7.5hp, 3 phase), i'm collecting tooling large enough for the scale of the machine. that means 3/4",7/8 &1" tools for the enormous CA sized toolholders. (for size comparison- i didn't buy Aloris :apologize...
  2. Ulma Doctor

    Victor 2040 Lathe

    I picked up my Victor 2040 yesterday the move was easier that i could have ever expected, i had forklifts on both the pick up and at my shop at work. the specifications are attached the lathe came without many accessories, but it does have a 12" 3J Buck Set true chuck and a DRO :grin: i'll...
  3. Ulma Doctor

    Machine Skates, Light

    I have a lathe to move soon and i wanted to make the move as easy as possible. i will have a forkilft on both the pick up and the shop ends to assist with the heavy lifting. sliding it into place will be a bit easier without the bulk of the forklift on the long side. the thought is to lower the...
  4. Ulma Doctor

    Square Pegs Into Round Holes

    I have a Deckel SOE clone grinder (https://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/kunming-kxm10-4-universal-cutter-grinder.59697/) i wanted to use it for sharpening HSS blanks into precision carving instruments. this would entail putting square HSS stock into a round collet.(because i don't have any...
  5. Ulma Doctor

    Shop Made Vise From Scrap

    i recently had an itch to scratch. i wanted a small vise, but didn't want to ignore the pile of scrap metal waiting to be re-purposed into useful things. so i took a piece of vintage 6061 square 32mm bar and whacked a 120mm section from it i squared the ends on the BP i laid out the throat of...
  6. Ulma Doctor

    3/4" Drive HF Breaker Bar Repair

    i got a cased set of 3/4" drive sockets very cheap at Harbor Freight a few years ago. the reason they were cheap is that the 18" breaker bar was broken i just used an adapter and used a 1/2" breaker bar as a go around for a long time. this time my 1/2" breaker bars were too long, 1/2" ratchet...
  7. Ulma Doctor

    Full Size Bed Frame, From Scratch

    My son has said that he has outgrown his (twin sized) race car bed, and wished for a big boy bed. after looking on Amazon for mattresses , i decided to construct the bed frame. i saw a bunch of bed frames in the search, but they all looked cheesy and cheap. so i did the next best thing, i spent...
  8. Ulma Doctor

    Unimat DB200, Light- Zamak Model

    I received a Unimat DB200, that i won at auction, today by Fed Ex !!!!! :grin: it didn't come with much but i have been looking for accessories in preparation, more tooling is coming! I'll call her, Eula i was able to find some history on lathes uk.com, on the unimats...
  9. Ulma Doctor

    Returning Bench Centers to Service

    I recently purchased bench centers at auction for a ridiculously low bid of $37. i honestly didn't think i would win, but surprise, surprise!!! the bummer part is that there was no indicator stand or attachment hardware present. I'll take that as an opportunity to copy Starrett's idea for...
  10. Ulma Doctor

    Playtime With 303, Knockout Punch Replacement Pins

    My brother is an electrician. he uses knockout punches for work daily. he came across a malfunctioning hydraulic punch that was eventually given to him. the punch is quite used. the pins that secure the actuator handle and frame were worn through. my brother asked if i could make new pins he...
  11. Import Bench Centers

    Import Bench Centers

    inspection equipment
  12. Ulma Doctor

    Specialty Screw Clamps, By Ulma Doctor

    At my day job, i work with sharpening equipment for various types of blades used in the processing and packaging of meat, nut, and vegetable products that we all consume daily. chances are good (if you lived in the United States in the last 30 years) that you have eaten something that has been...
  13. Ulma Doctor

    Zero Backlash LH Trapezoidal Thread Cross Slide Nut, From Delrin

    My good ol' Shenwai SW900B is showing signs of excessive slop at the dial. excessive slop for me is right around .050" after pondering materials to construct a new nut from, delrin was immediately apparent. its tough and structurally sound, it's easy to get and cheaper than other materials...
  14. Ulma Doctor

    Gideon, the Junk Art Lobster

    i have a growing collection of junk art abominations in front of my house. this is an addition to the clan :grin: i got into some fun on Sunday, so much so that it extended into Monday evening. The fun, being the creation of a junk art lobster, just for fun! the fun started off innocently...
  15. Ulma Doctor

    South Bend 14 B 2 A Drill Press- Motor Upgrade

    I have a wonderful South Bend 14" Drill Press that i got from fellow member @TAWP Tool :grin: i tried to utilize the drill press with just the OEM pulleys from the 56 frame 1725 rpm, 1/2 Hp motor @115v, for a couple years- but the spindle was turning waaay too fast for my taste or use...
  16. Ulma Doctor

    Dial Indicator Mount Studs

    I have some beautiful BC Ames dial indicators that have a mount system that i had no way of attachment to my indicator stands my other indicators have a lug back that is easy to attach to my indicator stands with a pin and knurled nut like this... here is the mount stud and knurled nut...
  17. Ulma Doctor

    Making A Rotary Broach, By Ulma Doctor

    A couple years ago, I made a very quick and dirty rotary broach for a project i was working on in my normal job https://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/shop-made-rotary-broach-down-and-dirty.48805/ it worked for the purpose it was intended, but i wanted to make an improved version. the new...
  18. Ulma Doctor

    Drum Switch Wiring, Split Phase Motor

    I purchased a beautiful Hercus ARH lathe a few years ago. https://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/hercus-9-workshop-lathe-model-arh-serial-15548v.24143/ i love this machine, but the original owner didn't wire the drum switch for direction. it only ran in the spindle CCW direction ,whichever...
  19. IMG_2712.jpg


    1979 Boyar-Schultz H618 Challenger Surface Grinder
  20. Ulma Doctor

    1979 Boyar-Schultz H618 Surface Grinder

    I came across a wonderful find on CL. a gently used 1979 Boyar-Schultz H618 surface grinder. this unit was purchased new by the previous owner and saw a good life. we pulled the table off and i inspected the ways, the ways are very nice indeed with only the very faintest signs of wear. the oil...
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