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ulma doctor

January Project of the Month [3]
  1. Ulma Doctor

    Great Video Series on Youtube

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, i found some very interesting videos on youtube. i believe they were produced in the 80's at a guess, but very good information here is the video list: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6G6nfxpNP4tLZdJFIkx69w/videos and a sample video. i hope you enjoy!
  2. Ulma Doctor

    MT3 1" Slitting Saw Arbor

    i started construction on a MT3 slitting saw arbor from materials in the shop. here is the slug of what i believe to be 12L14 mild steel. it was unmarked, but acted like 12L14 i have machined before. it's very nice to turn. the slug was a fraction over 1" in diameter and 7" long. i...
  3. Ulma Doctor

    Amazing Video Series From Clickspring: Antikythera Mechanism

    I learned of the Antikythera Mechanism in High School from my chemistry teacher, in one of many after school discussions. He explained it as a complicated and intricate mechanical computer made by the ancients, boy he was not kidding. i really didn't gain full appreciation for what it may have...
  4. IMG_2553.jpg


    1980 Bridgeport Series 1, 1J Step Pulley head, 1Hp
  5. IMG_2548.jpg


    bridgeport series 1 table 9"x 48"
  6. IMG_2551.jpg


    bridgeport 1J step pulley 1 hp 3 phase motor
  7. IMG_2550.jpg


    1980 Bridgeport Series 1, 1J Step Pulley head, 1Hp
  8. IMG_2544.jpg


    1980 Bridgeport Series 1, 1J Step Pulley head, 1Hp
  9. IMG_2547.jpg


    1980 Bridgeport Series 1, 1J Step Pulley head, 1Hp
  10. IMG_2545.jpg


    1980 Bridgeport Series 1, 1J Step Pulley head, 1Hp
  11. Ulma Doctor

    Cool Video- Erector Set Walking Beam Engine

    I have a good friend on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/108774772276210693588 he makes cool steam engines and other stuff in this video he built a walking beam engine from a vintage erector set he found at a swap meet. enjoy!
  12. Ulma Doctor

    Stepper Motor Drivers with a Pulse Generator

    Hi guys, i was messing around in the shop last week. i made a couple videos of me playing with stepper motor drivers and pulse generators. i took a small bipolar stepper motor and controlled this motor with 2 different stepper drivers. i did the experiments to make comparisons between the 2...
  13. Ulma Doctor

    Log Reindeer

    I made reindeer from logs this year for fun and they turned out very cool. the bodies are made from cedar branches. the necks and heads are made from cherry branch, the antlers are manzanita brush the legs are apricot twigs. i used 1/16" e308l tig filler rod to attach the head and neck to the...
  14. Superior 2.jpg

    Superior 2.jpg

    dual spindle milling machine
  15. Superior 1.jpg

    Superior 1.jpg

    dual spindle milling machine
  16. Ulma Doctor

    R8 Collet Rack- Redaux

    I scored on saturday! i got a collet rack from member @bfd, (Thanks Bill!!!) he couldn't use it because he didn't have a round column mill. i don't have a round column mill that needs the rack. i decided to modify it to suit another need on another machine with r8 spindles it's for my Trans...
  17. Ulma Doctor

    Code Name : Operation Spanner Wrench- 5c Collet Block

    i purchased a set of inexpensive collet block's from all-industrial tool supply for use in my lathe and milling machines. they were shipped fast and are very nicely finished, better than i thought i might get for the price. i don't have any connection to the company, but i had a good experience...
  18. IMG_2855.JPG


    shop made MT2 tailstock #4 center drill arbor
  19. IMG_2854.JPG


    shop made MT2 tailstock #4 center drill arbor
  20. Ulma Doctor

    Fun With Unknownium, a MT2 Tailstock Center Drill Holder-From Scratch

    I use my Shenwai SW900B lathe to do a lot of my projects. this time i wanted to make a full-time tailstock center drill holder, the problem was that i never cut a morse taper before on a lathe. i doubted my ability to make a concentric tool with a MT2 taper that actually worked. that had to...
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