PM30 One-Shot Oiler System

Hey guys,
I recently completed a "one-shot" oiler system install on my PM30 Bench Top Mill.
Decided to go with Bijur metering valves, junction blocks, 4mm nylon and brass tubing, and other misc 4mm (5/32") fittings.
However, I opted not to purchase the Bijur "one-shot" oiler, instead, I found a "similar" unit on Amazon for a lot less $$$$! :)

Here are some pics ...








Adding a "one-shot" oiler system to my PM1340GT's quick-change gear box, is in the "works" !!!
I plan to incorporate the Bijur components as well ...


Some links for items purchased...

Bijur components:

One-Shot Oiler (Note: The 'HP-5R' model is "left-hand", the 'HP-5L' model is "right-hand"):

Ball oiler replacement fittings (had to machine some threaded brass inserts, to replace the ball oilers)...

4mm (5/32") Brass tube bender (worked out pretty well)...


I did a one-shot oiling system on my CO 9x40 and it worked very well. I suspect the OP's will work just fine. :encourage:
Very cool! I have been wanting to do this on my PM-932. What are the large holes in the back of the saddle and did you drill and slot the smaller holes for the lube system or were they already there?
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