1. Susan_in_SF

    My Free Lathe, Thanks To This Website

    Actually, my headline should read, "My Free Lathe, Thanks To Moderator/Staff Member Jim Dawson." Thanks to Jim, I am now the owner of a complete 1941 Logan lathe! An older couple is selling their house, here in San Francisco, and were desperate to get rid of their metal lathe out of their...
  2. middle.road

    Vintage Manuals and Information

    This site has been posted a couple of times in other threads but mostly just for a specific machine. Thought I'd post it with a title that will show up easily in a site search. Rather a varied range of info, mostly lathes with some other cool stuff. http://pounceatron.dreamhosters.com/docs/...
  3. Susan_in_SF

    I Bought An Antique Bead Roller. Need help :-)

    Hi guys, I swear, I am going to stop buying stuff. I just keep running into awesome finds that I can't say no to. A guy was selling antique tools that his great grandpa used. I picked up a Miller Falls bench mount crank drill press and a bead roller for $110 total. I don’t know if the bead...
  4. B

    [Antique] G.a. Planer-seeking Advice.

    Hello, I have also posted this request on other sites for assistance. I apologize for the redundancy. I am an advance newbie to machining, if there is such a thing. I have been hobby welding for years. I am a die-hard history buff especially when it comes to tools and construction methods. I...
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