MT3 1" Slitting Saw Arbor

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i started construction on a MT3 slitting saw arbor from materials in the shop.

here is the slug of what i believe to be 12L14 mild steel.
it was unmarked, but acted like 12L14 i have machined before.
it's very nice to turn.

the slug was a fraction over 1" in diameter and 7" long.
i centerdrilled both ends.
i turned the diameter on both ends down to .950".
one for the drive dog, the other to make the taper turning operation quicker


then i added the drive dog and offset the tailstock to a total indicated offset of .176"
and started cutting the taper

and after taking some passes, the arbor partially emerged from the rod!


i drilled & tapped the drawbar end to 3/8"-16 tpi x 1.250" depth and polished it up a bit more to fit into the MT3 test socket.
and here is the blank, pictured next to a MT2 blank i did the day before.


in the next episode...
i turn the cutter seat!
i'll do that inserted into the spindle of my Hercus ARH922.

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Nice job, Mike. Think I would have used a tailstock center for all but the initial facing, drilling and tapping operations, but then I tend toward wussing out.
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