1. tcweb

    DRO on Enco Mill/Drill (RF30)

    I'm working on the DRO for my Enco branded mill drill. Yep, there's a dozen posts out there for people doing the same, but the pictures are not always that great, and many chose the magnetic scales, not glass, so I wanted to get some pics out there and ask some questions. X-axis is about as...
  2. P

    Add Oil Grooves to Ways on Enco Knee Mill 100-5200 Circa 1985?

    Greetings everyone, I just moved my first mill in today and while I have it apart I gave it a good wipe down to get rid of condensate from temp change, then coated everything in oil while it acclimates. Before I completely assemble it again I was considering the possibility to installing an...
  3. tcweb

    Enco Mill - motor takes a few tries to get to full speed

    Hello experts, I have my Enco mill (RF30) up and running and have an annoying problem. When I turn the switch (forward or reverse, doesn't matter), the motor immediately kicks on and comes up to about 1/3 speed, then stalls or "pulses" at about that speed. It must pull a ton of current, as I...
  4. tcweb

    Indicol on an Enco (RF30) benchtop mill

    I picked up an indicol for my mill. It's the model 178, which is (I believe) made for the Bridgeport. It fits perfectly on the Enco. However...when you rotate it around on the spindle, it hits the knob on the front of the spindle that adjusts the depth stop. Has anyone come up with a...
  5. rock_breaker

    Trying another Picture

    This is the clamp from my Enco 13x40 that I am working on notice all the paint.
  6. N

    Added An Angel Eye To My Enco Rf30 Mill/drill

    After seeing what some of you have done with an angel eye, I ordered one for my RF30 (about $9.00 delivered from ebay). I made a simple switch box from a PVC connection box and used a leftover 18v computer power supply (the LEDs run on 12 - 24v). The switch box was attached to the side of the...
  7. H

    Align Power Table Feed For Mill Drill Rf-30

    Anyone know the difference between the Align models AL-99SP and AL-200SX Power Table Feeds for the Enco RF-30 Mill Drill? I'm looking at the ones sold by Wholesale Tools. They look identical. I've been unable to locate any info on-line. An email to Wholesale Tools got the response that "One is...
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