1. Susan_in_SF

    Baldor Grinder Questions

    Hi Guys, I officially think I have too many Baldors, and may put one up for sale. Before I go into detail about that, I have a few questions on my other Baldors. First, I picked up, for a sweet price, a vintage Baldor and pedestal from the early 70's. It has those expensive light shields...
  2. B

    2x72 belt sander/grinder (diy) : heat and belt wobble

    Hi, I am trying to finish my 2x72 belt sander project, but still fighting a few issues. I have just about got all the belt wobble out of the system, which varies a bit between belts - I suppose part of it is the junk belts I have bought so far, not sure yet entirely. At any rate there is still...
  3. Susan_in_SF

    Simple Carbide Grinder Question

    Hi guys, I picked up this carbide grinder last week. As a newbie, please forgive my ignorance. I notice how "regular" grinders have eye shields, yet carbide grinders do not. Why is that? Thanks, Susan
  4. Susan_in_SF

    Helpless Female Needing Assistance With Bearings

    Hi Guys, I have a nice Baldor dental lathe / polisher that where one spindle is making noise. I'd like to replace the bearings. I understand that I need a drift set to install the bearings properly. I went to amazon, and saw these type of kits (shown below). It seems like these kits were...
  5. MikeWi

    Could use some design help with a belt grinder

    I'm designing a 42" belt grinder to attach to the right side of my new bench grinder. it gives me something to learn Fusion 360 with :) I have no trouble designing things, but I have no engineering knowledge at all, so I'm never sure what is enough or too much. Almost everything I see on the...
  6. B

    Surface Grinder Initial Tooling

    I recently purchased a Grizzly G3155 surface grinder that did not come "ready to use". I need a hub for the grinding wheels, a wheel dresser, and some wheels. I may also need a wheel balancer. I do not know a lot about grinding. Starting off, do I want one rough wheel and one finishing wheel...
  7. Susan_in_SF

    Suggestions For Old Block Grinder

    Hi guys, I bought a very nice 1/2 hp Baldor 7" 1800 rpm grinder with pedestal at a machine shop auction awhile ago. I wanted to buy a slow speed grinder to use to sharpen my woodturning tools on. Then, I later bought a 1/3 hp old 3600 rpm Craftsman Blick grinder just cuz it looked awesome...
  8. Ulma Doctor

    Kunming KXM10 4" Universal Cutter Grinder

    after doing some surfin' on CL, i found a vintage import Kunming KXM10 4" Universal Cutter Grinder it is a clone of the famed Deckel SO cutter grinder this lil' 220v 3 phase, 5,300 RPM, 1/4 hp cutter grinder came complete with tools. namely an assortment of HSS and Carbide blanks and...
  9. Cavediver

    Dust collection for bench grinders and belt grinders?

    Do you have a dust collection setup for your bench grinders or belt grinders? I'm planning a 2x42 belt grinder build and thought I ought to incorporate some dust collection if possible. While I'm at it, I want to add it to my existing bench grinders if possible. I'm planning on using a...
  10. ex_isp

    New Grinder

    Hey guys! Still at it in the shop/garage... Bought new tool/attachment that I REALLY like! This is a belt grinder with a flat surfacing disk that bolts to a bench grinder on the right side. Has serrated rubber contact wheel for the belt which allows for hollow grinding on my blades with...
  11. jjtgrinder

    Foley Belsaw 380 Cutter / Grinder 2 1/2''

    This is for sale on Ebay in the Euclid Ohio area. They make very good home shop tool and cutter grinders. Easy to restore. It has the work head with it which is valuable. I would offer them $300 for starters. link is...
  12. bjornsh67

    Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine Kellenberger No. 56

    Hi, Got myself a new machine for the shop. Any folks out there with experience on this type of machine? My background for getting this one is I have been looking for a universal grinder for some time. I have been investigating getting a chinese from Alibaba or ebay - but have passed I...
  13. H

    Need Sanford 6x12 Grinder Parts

    I need the casting for motor mount and hand wheel to raise and lower grinding wheel. If you have or know where I can obtain these parts PLEASE let me know. The motor mount I might be able to fix but the hand wheel is missing parts.
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