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Dec 18, 2019
I hear you but there are ways to pack pretty much anything to survive the journey.
The shipper didn't pack it properly. I've had that happen to me. Zoro dropped a Starrett 91B tap wrench into a 3x8x11 box. No packing material. By the time it got to me, there was a hole in the box. No tap wrench, just a Starrett box. I called up Zoro, showed them pictures and told them it was improperly packed. My new wrench showed up in a few days. It was only slightly better packed. Shipper is taking a calculated risk of spending little or nothing on packing vs. payout for damaged or missing material. Call the shipper. Make them fix the problem. They should send you another one. If not, reverse the charges on your CC.


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May 26, 2017
WobblyHand, lead hammers are the old school variant of a non-marring hammer for the purpose of moving material without damaging the striking surface. Of course over time it does the deforming - but, then you just melt the head down into a ladle with a torch & recast it to like new again! Yes, I'm on the lookout for an inexpensive used mold.


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Aug 6, 2015
We have received Amazon packages... sealed... with nothing inside :rolleyes:... more than once.
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