1. Susan_in_SF

    This Lathe Might Be A Good Deal

    Hi Guys, Last week, I visited my friend, Gary Aragon - the guy who buys lots of large metalworking machinery and resells them. As I mentioned before, he often throws out into his metal scrap dumpster stuff that I then snag for free (like a ton of vintage Armstrong lathe toolholders). Anyways...
  2. Duke

    Rotary table, and looking at my SX2 again...

    After a couple of months of being too busy to spend time in my workshop, I got a new rotary table for my sx2 milling machine. The one that I got is a six inch phase 2. Initially I was a bit concerned that the table will be too big for the mini mill, but after fitting it, everything seems to...
  3. Meltro

    New Mill, need help getting information on

    Just purchased my first mill, noticed up on auction with only a few minutes left and I decided it was worth risking 260 Freedombucks on. I figured it would be easy to find more information on it, but my google-fu has failed me. In looking at a few other posts this might be a re-branded import...
  4. Susan_in_SF

    How To Remove Rust Without Removing Original Scrapings

    Hi guys, As many of you know, I wasn't planning on buying a Bridgeport mill, but then I recently stumbled across a super deal on one. This 2J Bridgeport had been used for years at a San Jose vocational school before it ended up with the private high school that I bought the mill from. The...
  5. P

    Add Oil Grooves to Ways on Enco Knee Mill 100-5200 Circa 1985?

    Greetings everyone, I just moved my first mill in today and while I have it apart I gave it a good wipe down to get rid of condensate from temp change, then coated everything in oil while it acclimates. Before I completely assemble it again I was considering the possibility to installing an...
  6. P

    Advise on Bridgeport J Head 1967

    Hello everyone, I have read so many helpful things from this site over the years that led me to my first lathe purchase a couple years ago (PM1236) Right now I'm looking for a knee mill under 84" tall. I found one within 1.5hrs from me. It's a Bridgeport J head 8 speed SN 61006. I looked at it...
  7. S

    Attributes of a good bench mill stand?

    I just ordered a PM-30MV, and I plan to build a stand for it. I'm considering some different designs/materials, and was hoping to get input on what you guys like/dislike about your current mill stands. I had a Smithy 1324 prior to this mill, and I really disliked the stand it came with...
  8. jakes_66

    South Bend Milling Machine - squaring the head

    I've enjoyed setting up the South Bend VMM I bought a few weeks back. I've been doing a pretty thorough examination of the machine and noticed something that has me worried. The head is not 'square' to the table. Some explanation is needed: The head on this machine does not 'nod' in the same...
  9. ACHiPo

    First Milling Machine Choice: PM 833T or 835S?

    I'd really like to get a mill. After thinking about getting a better drill press to replace my Atlas bench-top, I looked at drill presses. Then started looking at the bench-top models from Weiss, and the WMD30 looked like it it would be a great drill press and get me started on machining...
  10. JetMech

    Precision Matthews PM30MV Mill dimensions and footprint- Stand Design

    Hi folks, I posted an earlier thread asking for advice on which mill would suit my needs. I got really great information from the kind users here, and will order my mill soon. One thing I'd like to do is begin work on the table for the mill, I think those stands that come with small mills are...
  11. Artemetra

    Really good shell mill for a decent price - Sandvik with inserts

    I just listed a shell mill, when I discovered these years ago I never picked up a flycutter again. But they cost a bundle if you get all the inserts and such. This one has a set of brand new inserts, and new hardware. It does have a Shars shank but it's brand new, and I did a pass on aluminum -...
  12. Sloth2009

    PM-727m New mill has arrived!

    I am a pharmacist by trade and have never used a milling machine before. I decided to buy this mill mostly to help slot guards for my knife making hobby and for some other projects I have planned like crossbow parts and sterling engines. I know it's been done before, but I'd like show a bit of...
  13. M

    Mill use for track support in rolling ball sculpture

    Hi, I'm creating a RBS using wood, brass and glass marbles as the media. I'm pretty good at woodworking, but very new to machining. My router table makes for a poor mill with the use of jigs and, as you can image, it's not very accurate or easy. The photo shows what I'm attempting. On the...
  14. A

    Machine shop auction in Prineville, OR

    Here is a link for a machine and welding shop auction in Prineville, Or. http://murphyauction.com/Auction/Details/584 There are some lathes and knee mills.
  15. A

    Machine shop for sale, near Minneapolis, Minn

    Here is a link for a online auction for a machine shop. https://henslinauctions.proxibid.com/asp/Catalog.asp?aid=123776&lr=1488479085104 There are several mills and some CNC equipment. Bring a trailer.
  16. Keith Foor

    VFD's and expectations of them

    I see a lot of questions about VFD's and some statements of personal expectations of them. I want to put this out there to set reasonable expectations for VFD's. What not to expect and frankly their shortcomings. Hope you find it informational. VFD's are actually a new spin on an old...
  17. A

    Need quick pre-purchase advice.....Barker AM Horizontal Mill

    A 6" vise is overkill for a RF45 style mill. A 4" is more appropiate for that size mill & IMO 5" max. I have a 5" GMT vise on my PM45 & it's slightly too big. Not enough Y axis travel to make use of the 5" full capacity. Better to save your money rather than getting something too big & most...
  18. jhmiii

    Sherline Mill Saddle Movement Beyond Backlash

    I have a manual Sherline mill and recently I have been having a lot of problems whenever the endmill starts to cut past the end of a part. The cutter starts dropping down and digs deeper into the work piece. Sounds like backlash, so I loosen the set screw, raise the motor, push down on the...
  19. B

    Need Help On This

    Am unable to find any makings so am stuck on who makes this mill thank you for any help
  20. MonkMan

    [Mill] Gmc Manual Knee 9" X 39" Vert. & Horiz. Mill

    GMM-939SPKG Does anyone know about this machine? comes complete with 2X dro, x axis power feed, coolant system,etc. AND free shipping. all for around $5800....looks to be some deal! am I missing something here? I checked several sites and the money was about the same Thanks
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