1. 100LL

    A Bring a Trailer for machine shop equipment

    Hello all, quick message to gauge interest in a website specific to a manual machine auction listings. For those that like classic cars, think Bring a Trailer but for lathes, mills, accessories, etc suitable to the home shop. eBay is the big name but the seller only gets about 92% of the sales...
  2. W

    Another tool needing identified

    Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a great Saturday so far! I was digging through the tools that I received with my lathe and found this. I first was thinking a boring device of some type but I think this is for a mill.....I would love for someone else to chime in and educate me...
  3. Cletus

    Cletus' PM-935TS-3PH Mill Log

    Well, I'm restricted in my movements thanks to Covid19 as the entire country here is under a state of emergency. All retail stores are closed only supermarkets and pharmacies are open for business and hardware stores restricted to a couple days per week and restricted hours as well. There's...
  4. R

    New EMCO Maximat V10 and Mystery Box of Accessories!

    Hello Hobby Machinists! Today is my first official post on this forum. Up to this point I have been a lurker skimming tricks and tips where I can for my home shop. I've always been an operator of those slightly disappointing Chinese import machines (mostly Grizzly) and although they do the job...
  5. C

    Cincinnati Horizontal Mill 18" looking for info

    Looking for information on an old Mill. It's for sale locally here and the owners don't know much background on it. Purchased decades ago. It works and just isn't used much anymore. 18" Cincinnati milling machine. The 3 phase motor was added later. Flat belt drive converted to electric...
  6. F

    Stacked Slitting Saws

    I’m new to machining but I’ve already got some jobs to do with the old Comet milling machine we just got at our shop. A guy who owned a machine shop two blocks down sold his business and we got the Comet, a surface grinder, and a bunch of end mills. We’ve got everything set up and I just spent...
  7. K

    Precision Matthews PM-728VT CNC conversion

    Hello everyone, I have an order on a PM-728VT and is due to deliver within a month. I will do a CNC conversion (with the PM mechanical kit), and will document it here, while also posting the myriad questions that are certain to come up. I am planning to weld up a base for it that will...
  8. Forty Niner

    Sherline "Tips"

    Sherline has a list of user submitted "Tips" that I find helpful. I have recently used a couple of them. One is a simple lock for the Mill's Y axis (tip 28). The other is an adapter to use the Sherline lathe Compound Slide on the front side (tip 32)...
  9. devils4ever

    Two Piece Mill Vise

    I'm looking at making a two piece mill vise to handle larger parts on my mini-mill (PM25) than I can't get in my Kurt vise. I've seen a few designs. One design by This Old Tony that looks like it might be a bit large for my mini-mill and has more pieces to it, but seems very solid. I could...
  10. T

    [Mill] Finally got my first mill now I need help identifying it

    So this is my first machine , I’ve been researching mills for a few years now but this one popped up and I couldn’t pass it up... but for the life of me I can’t identify this mill. And a big part is the home shop bits on this and if not for the table and casting I would say this mill looked...
  11. M

    Eagle Eye Lights for A Knee Mill

    Has anyone thought about using these eagle eye lights on a gooseneck stand for their mill? I think you maybe be able to thread the light right into the neck. Looks like it might work nicely.
  12. D

    Drill and tap hole in the center of a 1 in aluminum rod - will this work?

    Background: Construct a gear drive for a telescope. As accurate as it can be made with the tools at hand. The next step is to make and tap a 1 inch deep hole in the center of a 1 inch aluminum rod. The rod is about three inches long. The hole will be just over an inch deep and tapped to 1/4 by...
  13. Susan_in_SF

    This Lathe Might Be A Good Deal

    Hi Guys, Last week, I visited my friend, Gary Aragon - the guy who buys lots of large metalworking machinery and resells them. As I mentioned before, he often throws out into his metal scrap dumpster stuff that I then snag for free (like a ton of vintage Armstrong lathe toolholders). Anyways...
  14. Duke

    Rotary table, and looking at my SX2 again...

    After a couple of months of being too busy to spend time in my workshop, I got a new rotary table for my sx2 milling machine. The one that I got is a six inch phase 2. Initially I was a bit concerned that the table will be too big for the mini mill, but after fitting it, everything seems to...
  15. Meltro

    New Mill, need help getting information on

    Just purchased my first mill, noticed up on auction with only a few minutes left and I decided it was worth risking 260 Freedombucks on. I figured it would be easy to find more information on it, but my google-fu has failed me. In looking at a few other posts this might be a re-branded import...
  16. Susan_in_SF

    How To Remove Rust Without Removing Original Scrapings

    Hi guys, As many of you know, I wasn't planning on buying a Bridgeport mill, but then I recently stumbled across a super deal on one. This 2J Bridgeport had been used for years at a San Jose vocational school before it ended up with the private high school that I bought the mill from. The...
  17. P

    Add Oil Grooves to Ways on Enco Knee Mill 100-5200 Circa 1985?

    Greetings everyone, I just moved my first mill in today and while I have it apart I gave it a good wipe down to get rid of condensate from temp change, then coated everything in oil while it acclimates. Before I completely assemble it again I was considering the possibility to installing an...
  18. P

    Advise on Bridgeport J Head 1967

    Hello everyone, I have read so many helpful things from this site over the years that led me to my first lathe purchase a couple years ago (PM1236) Right now I'm looking for a knee mill under 84" tall. I found one within 1.5hrs from me. It's a Bridgeport J head 8 speed SN 61006. I looked at it...
  19. S

    Attributes of a good bench mill stand?

    I just ordered a PM-30MV, and I plan to build a stand for it. I'm considering some different designs/materials, and was hoping to get input on what you guys like/dislike about your current mill stands. I had a Smithy 1324 prior to this mill, and I really disliked the stand it came with...
  20. jakes_66

    South Bend Milling Machine - squaring the head

    I've enjoyed setting up the South Bend VMM I bought a few weeks back. I've been doing a pretty thorough examination of the machine and noticed something that has me worried. The head is not 'square' to the table. Some explanation is needed: The head on this machine does not 'nod' in the same...
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