1. Dustynorm

    Vintage Bertram Lathe Restoration - Cont'd

    I have been struggling to remove the end-play bolt for the spindle, over the past few days I was able to find the time to make the tool that I thought would do the job. Hand-forged Lathe End-play Nut Wrench Even with the tool it proved to be more work than I expected. I had to collapse a steel...
  2. Dustynorm

    Vintage Bertram Lathe Restoration Update and Remaining Projects

    Here is an update on the progress, I had some interest in the lathe and I thought I should share in video form in hopes that it's a little more interesting. Progress Update and Projects Take care, Dusty
  3. Dustynorm

    Lathe Auto-drive Gearbox - Dominion - oil change and running

    If anyone needs more information on the Auto-drive, let me know, I'll be putting together more videos on this subject in future. Thanks, Dusty
  4. Eddyde

    Lathe Delivery, Backhoe Required

    Hi All, Back in mid March, I found the lathe I'd been looking for on eBay, a 13" Clausing Colchester. The lathe looked pretty good in the pictures and the description sounded accurate from what could see. The price was around the usual for that machine. I took a chance and put in a lowball...
  5. W

    tail stock chuck

    So I bought a deceased tool die makers home shop a few months ago... the enco style rf35 mill and clarkson 12-26 lathe + hundreds endmills, taps, reamers and associated equipment like rotary table, 4 jaw face plate, dogs supports etc. (another band saw which I sold) and hundreds of pounds of...
  6. dellingerwill

    Bad Lathe Sound

    My lathe has started making a pretty nasty sound. It's a HF 7x12 minilathe. This sound only happens when the powerfeed is engaged (but regardless of half nuts being engaged or not). It's coming from the drivetrain somewhere. It's always made some extra noise, but it's been getting worse and now...
  7. F

    Unknown lathe tool/attachment, help!

    Hi everyone! Got a box of lathe tools and bits the other day, found in it a unknown(to me) lathe(probably) tool/attachment. Please see pictures. Can anyone help please? I am guessing that is a spring winding attachment, but if it is, I have no idea how to use it. And probably some parts are...
  8. cascao

    Lathe. Alignment and wear evaluation

    My essay about setting up a lathe, levelling and checking against wear. [turn english subtitles on]
  9. T

    Non-constant Pitch when Threading on Lathe

    I picked up a bench lathe (BD 812) a little while ago, and I’ve had an ongoing issue with threading that I haven’t been able to solve. When cutting the threads, it becomes immediately noticeable that the pitch isn’t quite constant, making the distance in between the threads look “wavy” or...
  10. cascao

    QCTP knurling holder fix

    After great results in my clamp style knurling tool and Bump straight knurling tool I was riled with the poor results I had with QCTP 110 tool (knurling and facing tool holder). The material used Checking if idea will work... "Milling" the round slot in four jaw chuck. Tool ready for...
  11. cascao

    Key in chuck

    When I first bought my lathe, I've made this device afraid of letting the key in chuck. As a side effect, it becomes very convenient when I finish a part I just grab the key (to remove part) and lathe stop.
  12. cascao

    Clamp Type Knurling Tool

    Made this Clamp Type Knurling Tool based on a smaller comercial item I already have. This one can be used on bigger diameters [bit over 2"], mount centered on tool post and is more robust. Screws can be tightened to remove side slope. Test run showing welded support. All parts were made in...
  13. fernballan


    I need to replace bearings in electric motors on my köping lathe Almost all lathe manufactured in Sweden have birth certificates with all tolerances, when it was made and where it was sold. My lathe was manufactured 30/04 1964 and sold to lokstaverken. He i bought the lathe off, used the lathe...
  14. D

    Jet 1336 PBD Lathe Value?

    Hi, I am hoping some of your forum members could help me. My parents, who the last one past away last year, has a Jet 1336 PBD Lathe, Stock # 321333, Mfg: 1988. I would like to come up with a fair market value for the lathe since a local person has expressed interest in it. Dad got the lathe...
  15. Susan_in_SF

    SB9 Lathe Follow Rest with Taper Attachment Possible?

    Hi, I have an old South Bend 9A that came with a nice taper attachment. I want to buy a follow rest for it, but wonder if it is possible to mount it while the taper attachment is on the lathe. Would I need to remove the taper attachment in order to use a follow rest? If so, is it a big pain to...
  16. IMG_2813.JPG


    USN 00134 - 1943 Monarch 10EE s/n 17646
  17. Ulma Doctor

    Monarch 10EE Chuck Key From Scratch

    I was missing a chuck key for my Monarch 10EE, so i made one from stuff i had laying around. :grin: i got a 1" diameter piece of colled rolled unknownium that i thought i'd start off with. i turned a few thousandths off the diameter and faced the end off and parted off a 7" length for the key...
  18. Ulma Doctor

    1943 Monarch 10EE S/N 17646-Retrofit and Repair

    I'm finally in the Monarch Club, solely due to the good graces from a fellow member TAWP TOOL. he offered me the lathe with goodies involved and even supplied the muscle to comealong the beast onto the trailer! one heck of a good man in my book! from the bottom of my heart,thank you!!! May i...
  19. Susan_in_SF

    Opinions on Drip Oilers For South Bend 9A

    Hi, I have seen online a couple of South Bends that have 2 drip feed oilers on top of the headstock. Has anyone here had any experience using these oilers? Is it worth buying since it supposedly may better ensure constant spindle lubrication, or is it just stupid, where it's better to oil it...
  20. H

    Rockwell 11" lathe speed indicator

    Hey Rockwell owners, I have an 11" Delta (Rockwell) lathe which I have used for several years, but never fixed the variable speed indicator inside works which move what's on front of the cabinet. This is a hand wheel rather than a lever changer. I cannot find a pix of the mechanism which...
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