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South Bend reversing gear stuck

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I am restoring a South Bend 9 and work has stopped due to a stuck reversing gear. It loks like no maintenance was done since the machine was made in 1947. Everything but the final gear on the shaft has disassembled but that gear needs to be pressed off. A mechanic friend tried with his 20 ton press - dyidn't budge. I took it to a local machine shop and they stopped trying when the pressure was nearing a breaking point. I have to get this apart. It drives the entire gearbox and screw. I can't afford for it to fail. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
South Bend, restoration,.
Keep Your Eye on the Ball
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Cooler weather is coming, the kids are going back to school, and cottages are closing up. While it might be bittersweet to see summer coming to an end, it means that we settle back into a routine and start new projects. We decided to start the season with a fun demonstration on how to make a plastic ball using a tool that many people are unaware exists. We used a radius cutter and the lathe. When paired with a lathe, radius cutters are responsible for making concave or convex shapes. The process you see in our video is a great example of the art that can be produced by means of a skilled craftsman. Check out the link on our Plasti-Block™ YouTube Channel Plastic balls can be mass manufactured in many ways, but are primarily made by the process of injection molding into dyes. Take a look at this video of table tennis balls being mass produced in a factory. Check out our blog for this and other interesting articles:

Scraping in all bearing surfaces on my Wards/Logan 10"

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I've been working on my lathe off and on over the past several weeks or months, but I've been hesitant to start a thread documenting my progress (or lack thereof!) for fear of embarrassing myself. I'm increasingly confident that I'm going to end up with a very precise lathe rather than a very large pile of cast iron dust and tears, so I'm finally willing to share my progress. After creating a new cross-slide for my lathe some time ago, I'd already spent a lot of time scraping in the compound and cross slide. But I decided to tackle a far larger project. I've taken Richard King's class twice now (and I'm about to help out with a third) but I know full well there is no way to really learn something without actually doing it (and even better, trying to explain what you're doing to others). So, despite my old Wards/Logan being in perfectly (well ... "acceptably") useable shape to begin with, I decided to scrape in the bed ways, headstock, saddle, and tailstock. I rationalized that...
The Power of Smallᵀᴹ
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Do you remember the time when most of the things were made here, they were durable, repairable and they would last for a very long time? Do you remember the time when shop and other hands-on trades training were part of the school curriculum? And you also probably remember when all this deteriorated, was bought and moved oversees and centralized by mega corporations... And this is great for few industries, but for a lot of small shop and inventors, makers and hobbyists, there is a real need in local distributed manufacturing. We are looking for your help to spread the word about our new initiative which we call "The Power of Small". What is The Power of Smallᵀᴹ ? • Small businesses doing big projects with low amounts of capital; • Office-desk sized machines making large parts - 100lbs and more; • On-shore, distributed manufacturing on a national or international scale; • Converting 100% waste plastics directly into viable finished goods - affordably and locally; • A...

Working With Plastics

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Some people are not very familiar working with plastics. So we will continuously be adding useful info about plastics, here are few first ones we put together: Joining and Gluing ABS Painting parts with molded-in colors - a great partnership. Your Guide To ABS Drop us a note if you find this info useful. If you have more questions/topics you'd like us to cover in future posts, please respond to this thread or submit suggestion on our website using this form

Shop build beast of a chop saw

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I started this build couple of months ago thinking i'll finish it in a week or two so i continued writing about it in the question & answer section where i had couple of questions, but because is drag on for so long i've decided to move it in the project section.

Old gasoline generator repairs

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Couple of weeks ago i bought two small generators they both "run" the smaller one needed an carb cleaning and now runs good, the Bosch uses an Tecumseh HS40 engine which has a blown head gasket, and only runs for couple of seconds and dies, the generator works so is worth repairing it.

PM1440GT Lathe work with a Dorian CXA Quick Change Toolpost ?

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My Precision Matthews PM1440GT lathe is arriving via UPS LTL Freight tomorrow 01/25/2018. I have two basic questions relative to other PM1440GT Lathe owners. 1) Has anyone used the Dorian CXA Quick Change Toolpost , Model # SDN35CXA on the PM1440GT ? I want to be able to use the larger 3/4" tooling over the 5/8" tooling on the Dorian BXA Quick Change Toolpost. 2) Has anyone used the Hitachi WJ200 VFD on the 3 HP 3phase motor on the PM1440GT ? If so , is it possible to get the Hitachi WJ200 VFD parameters that were used for the PM1440GT ? Appreciate any feedback and will post photos soon ...
DIY steady rest spider.
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My steady rest spider turned into a bigger project because the roller shafts do not retract to utilize the diameter of the steady rest. I made new shafts from O1 tool steel with bronze tips. The spider is made from a 2.5” diameter scrap of some grade of steel, it machined nicely. I will thread for the 8 spider screws m10x1.5. First time using my rotary table, I supported the work directly under the bottom of the spider body because of the lack of rigidity of the rotary table mounting. I need to build a right angle mounting plate and look into rotary table tail stocks.
KO-Lee Cutter/Grinder Revamp
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Perhaps you've seen this from other photos... It's a KO-Lee cutter grinder. It's a good platform and the table and all mechanisms are in excellent condition. I don't think this machine was used much in it's lifetime as there are very few signs of wear (hardly any at all really). The motor is the weak link. The bearings are going bad and vibration can be felt in the short shaft. The long shaft is OK. The seller told me about this when I got it. I'm guessing someone bumped a wheel really hard and damaged the bearing on that side. Anyhow, I once had a B&S #2 surface grinder but, sold it a few years ago. It needed too much work. It took up too much space, and I rarely worked on parts more than a few inches in size. Also, the things I make do not need sub-ten-thou tolerances. I've used the KO a couple times to do some grinding on small parts within a half-thou and it works out fine. My plan when I sold the B&S was to modify the KO-Lee to handle the simple grinding tasks...

4th axis servo controlled rotary table build

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Hi everyone, I am getting ready to build a 4th axis for my CNC mill. I should be getting the rotary table in the mail in about a week. I will be posting pictures as I go along :). The rotary table is one from eBay. It is of the 8" variety. I believe the brand is CME. The servo and drive is from Leadshine and is 400w. Here are a couple pictures of the servo and drive:

Vfd's Rpc's And 3 Phase Power At Home

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I see a TON of questions on RPC's and VFD's on here and I figured I would type out a knowledge base for what they are and how they apply to the home shop. We as machinists work with industrial equipment at home. It's obvious if you are reading this that you know that industrial stuff is typically 3 phase and you want it to run in your home shop where there is no 3 phase power. For a long time there was little option for this except the rotary phase converter or RPC for short. There are static converters. And for a single machine, in SOME instances, they are a viable option. But for a home machinist, we know a few things going into our hobby. The first is that no matter what we have, we will want to upgrade it, and there are always more machines to buy space and money permitting. So an RPC is a very viable option for running multiple machines at once, providing power to a dedicated 3 phase panel that all machines are connected to. As of posting this, I have 3phase welders...
VN Finally Got A Slotter Attachment
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Finally picked up a slotter attachment that I have been looking for. Probably paid a bit much, but it's practically new. Stripped it and cleaned out the old gunk. Back together already, quickest rebuild yet. Missing one oil cap and the arbor, but I have a print for the arbor. All I did was clean it. Jason
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