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Scraping in all bearing surfaces on my Wards/Logan 10"
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I've been working on my lathe off and on over the past several weeks or months, but I've been hesitant to start a thread documenting my progress (or lack thereof!) for fear of embarrassing myself. I'm increasingly confident that I'm going to end up with a very precise lathe rather than a very large pile of cast iron dust and tears, so I'm finally willing to share my progress. After creating a new cross-slide for my lathe some time ago, I'd already spent a lot of time scraping in the...
KO-Lee Cutter/Grinder Revamp
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Perhaps you've seen this from other photos... It's a KO-Lee cutter grinder. It's a good platform and the table and all mechanisms are in excellent condition. I don't think this machine was used much in it's lifetime as there are very few signs of wear (hardly any at all really). The motor is the weak link. The bearings are going bad and vibration can be felt in the short shaft. The long shaft is OK. The seller told me about this when I got it. I'm guessing someone bumped a wheel...
Restoring an old powered hacksaw
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Figured I'd share my restoration project! I've always found these old machines quite cool and when a neighbour offered me a defective one for free, I couldn't say no! :D This is the machine as I got it, it runs but won't lower the sawblade so you have to manually push it against the work piece, which becomes quite the challenge and dangerous as heck when it's moving back and forth. The thick bars protruding on the side are from an automatic feed system that's been cut off. By pure chance...
9A project completed
  • 19,335
  • 58
Some of you guys may remember this little crudball I acquired back in April... I had just completed the last project, the Seneca Falls #30 resto-mod,(project of the month) when this lathe found it's way to me via a friend of a friend. My friend, who is also a tool salesman, showed me a pic of this on his phone, which came from his friend, the seller, who now is a retired tool room supervisor. He had this in his back building just taking up space and wanted the room for some of his...
Clausing 1771 Drill Press Restoration
  • 13,018
  • 22
I picked up a Clausing variable speed drill press from a Craigslist ad. I offered the guy $200.00 and he accepted. The drill press was in decent overall condition, and had a new motor on it. I disassembled the machine and cleaned up and painted everything. Mechanically, it was in very good condition, and the only real repair work I did was to straighten a few of the handle arms. One really nice feature is the table lift, which works great on that heavy table (btw: the table doesn't...
Hard Core Recycling - making blocks for machining
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  • 10
Machining operations often generate some plastic waste. Companies often collect this waste and try to use it by putting a small percentage of waste in with the virgin plastic. The problem is that the rate of generating scrap exceeds the ability to reuse it. Other companies simply write it off and it is a wasted opportunity. The same injection molding equipment we use to manufacture plastic blocks from virgin pallets that many of you now use, we manufacture 100% pre- or post-consumer...
Let me make one thing perfectly clear! This is 2" thick Polycarbonate block!
  • 4,268
  • 4
We are pleased to announce that Plasti-Block™ Polycarbonate blocks are now available, rods and sheet will become available as soon as we built enough inventory. This photo was taken with 2" thick block. It is crystal clear! I hope you will find it helpful to your projects. Oh.... and do you want to see the machine it was molded on? Here are 2 videos: The Factory of the Future This 25-lb superblock being molded by our tabletop machine.
Spider Centering Test Indicator Holder
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Posted this many years ago for my 1340GT, and built another for my ERL-1340 the other day. It uses a test indicator attached a Zero-Set which is normally used in mills for hole centering. Versions of the Zero-Set are on eBay and through Shar's for $20-30. The test indicator holder slides on two bars mounted to the lathe belt cover, so remains in the same position vertically relative to the stock in the spider. The tip of the test indicator is always in aliment and the Zero-Set/indicator...
Making A Rotary Broach, By Ulma Doctor
  • 10,576
  • 32
A couple years ago, I made a very quick and dirty rotary broach for a project i was working on in my normal job it worked for the purpose it was intended, but i wanted to make an improved version. the new version , i envisioned was precise, robust, and economical. (i priced out a manufactured rotary broach similar to the size i'm constructing, it was over $500 USD) last week, i took up the gauntlet, to...
Easson 12B DRO lathe install with glass and SRA M-DRO magnetic scales
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Just completed a Easson 12B DRO install on my ERL-1340, I opted for the stock glass scales for the X and Z0 axis for cost reasons, but wanted to use the 3rd input on the Easson 12B DRO head. When I previously looked into the use of magnetic scales a few years ago with the Easson DRO's I was told that they may not be compatible (at least the those from DRO Pros). At the time I went with the EL700 on my mill with 4 axis magnetic scales. On my lathe, I did not need all the features of the EL700...
First Project - Upshur's Model Farm Engine
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I am a retired software engineer and back a year ago I got the itch to learn how to precisely cut metal. You know, build something that I could actually touch and see. Around mid June I got delivery of my PM-1030V lathe with DRO and a bunch of tooling. This was followed in mid December of the arrival of a PM-727V mill, also with DRO, and more tooling. After dickering with setup, alignment and a making simple tooling, I realized I needed a “project’ to focus the effort. Started with a clock...
Index Plate ID Chart
  • 1,484
  • 3
Just a chart to help ID those generic listings on the sale sites in hopes of finding what you need. If you have info on other makes & models, please share.
Radius ball turner
  • 5,664
  • 51
I've been wanting to make a ball turner for quite some time. Well, this past week I finally got a "round 2 it"! My first tool holder attempt caused me to say some things, that I'm glad my son didn't hear... ...but I managed to get it right the second attempt! I first tried mounting the base to the location where the compound rest normally occupies, but soon learned that I would not have enough room, between the radius turner and the lathes center line.... On the right side of the pic...
Headstock Indexer
  • 2,473
  • 7
I needed a simple way to index my headstock for a chambering fixture I was building. I also wanted it out of the way so I could leave it in place and just use it when I needed it. Chain sprockets provided the answer. They're cheap and nearly any tooth count from 10 to 72 is available. I bought a 72 and a 50. They cover just about anything I would need .
[How do I?] Motor wiring puzzle
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  • 14
I am trying to help a friend get a motor wired up and it has me stumped. The motor is 5hp single phase 240v 3420rpm TEFC with a centrifugal switch for a start capacitor. It was purchased surplus with no documentation and missing capacitor(s). Here is the tag: Grizzly has been no help. There are two red wires, two black wires, and one yellow wire coming out of the motor. R1 connects to one of the centrifugal switch contacts. It is open circuit to everything when the contacts are open...
Hand Scraper Design
  • 7,232
  • 24
I'm monkeying around with making a scraper to repair the cross-slide on the 1440 and would appreciate some input from those that use them. I'm attempting to do this with materials that I have on-hand. The lathe crapped out at very a inconvenient time. I had to take a pass on a decent bit of side work because with the stick-slip, I messed up the first three pieces. So the budget is hurting. Richard sent me a copy of Keith Rucker's design. (Thanks Richard!) I have a couple of questions about...
The Power of Smallᵀᴹ
  • 9,690
  • 50
Do you remember the time when most of the things were made here, they were durable, repairable and they would last for a very long time? Do you remember the time when shop and other hands-on trades training were part of the school curriculum? And you also probably remember when all this deteriorated, was bought and moved oversees and centralized by mega corporations... And this is great for few industries, but for a lot of small shop and inventors, makers and hobbyists, there is a real need...

Difficult access carbide

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  • 12
Hello all. I need to turn into a location about 14mm long with a shoulder each end that prevents me using triangular or diamond shaped inserts. The material is Rockwell hardness of around 60 so normal tool steel won't do the job otherwise I could grind up something suitable. Specifically it is a running surface for needle rollers and the shoulder at each end is to contain the rollers. What can I use please? What about a carbide parting insert? Thanks Doug

Best Way to Mill an Angle?

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I need to mill a 7º and 11º angle on the base of a round stand-off. While I could tilt the head of my mill, I'd rather not have to re-tram. What are other ways to hold a round piece in a vise at an angle for milling? This is what I have: This is what I need: Thanks in advance.

Turning very small aluminum rod

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I need to take an Al rod and turn it down to make two pieces about 100 thousandths diameter by 350 thousandths long. Tolerances need to be no better than 5 thousandths or so, that part's easy. I have some ~0.5" rod stock to start with. I'm guessing that if I just turn it down to that diameter it will flex quite a lot and I'll have some problems before I even get to 100 thousandths. Any advice on the best approach on this before I create a lot of scrap? Or, am I worrying about nothing...

303 Stainless Turning--Speeds/Feeds?

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I'm turning a set of stand-offs for a vintage automotive luggage rack out of 303 SS. The stand-offs are 1.25" Diameter turned down to 0.625" diameter. I'm using an AXA-16 carbide holder with Terra Carbide 22-100-047 | TPG321 APC5T 60° Coated Triangle / Indexable Carbide Turning Insert. I'm getting decent results, but things seem happiest taking a 0.020" deep cut at the slowest turning and feed speed on my Logan lathe. I've heard that carbide likes to take a deep cut, so I tried deeper...

Soule Steam Feed Works: Machine Shop Tour!

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  • 6
Soule Steam Feed Works: Machine Shop Tour! Meridian, Mississippi. Found it on Adam Booth's YouTube channel, Abom 79 Part 1: Part 2: Web page:

Morse taper drill there a market?

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  • 12
I bought some goodies from a guy yesterday and one thing I may go back for is a bucket of Morse taper drill bits. I have no idea at this point which taper and just from a quick look I think they were mostly larger sizes, probably from a local factory. Is there a market for these?
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